Endometrial Lesions

Studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in ongoing pregnancy rates in patients with other intracavitary lesions such as intrauterine adhesions, uterine septum, and endometrial polyps. 

About Endometrial Lesions

Septate uterus accounts for approximately 80–90% of congenital uterine pathologies and is associated with the poorest reproductive performance with delivery rates of only 6-28% and miscarriage rates of over 60%.

Hysteroscopic metroplasty can be highly successful with data showing a fall in overall miscarriage rates to 6% and a live birth rate of 80–90% achievable in the next pregnancy.

In patients with recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility resulting from intrauterine adhesions, hysteroscopic adhesiolysis restored normal menstrual flow in 81% and achieved a favorable obstetric outcome in up to 71% of the pregnancies.

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