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Couples battling infertility across the state can now finally compare the success rates of individual IVF clinics.

The detailed data revealed on the government’s Your IVF Success website has been heralded as bringing greater transparency for patients.

The Your IVF Success website was created to provide more reliable information for patients and referrers against the backdrop of very confusing and mostly unsubstantiated self-promoting claims made by various IVF providers.

Our IVF Results

Genea is the overall leader in multiple locations.

Our significant performance is thanks to everyone in the Genea team, Genea Biomedx and our amazing doctors.

2/3 or more of the patients treated at Genea Liverpool are Dr Derek Lok’s patients and the remaining 1/3 are mainly patients treated by two other specialists Dr Lok trained and supervised.

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Dr Lok has 20+ years of experience performing microsurgical surgery, having performed hundreds of tubal ligation sterilisations and reversal surgeries using the microsurgical keyhole approach.

Dr Lok seeks to provide his patients with the absolute best chance of restoring normal reproductive function through evidence-based medicine and surgery, with the ultimate goal of helping to achieve a successful pregnancy, naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies.

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